ECGO Bike helps you to improve the ease of driving. Switch to more efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles!

How we move our bodies, care about the environment, how we move them, how our products have a positive impact on the environment, how technology changes people’s perspectives and lifestyles to be more concerned about health, how we talk and how we feel, ECGO Bike focus on both internal and external factors in everyday life.

About Us

ECGO Bike is the first application-based electric bicycle in Indonesia. Our products are sold through branches spread in various regions. Our first showroom is located in the Cikarang area. In addition, you can also buy it through the website and our application available on the Playstore and Apps Store. We want to change people’s perspective so that electric bicycles can be a new lifestyle choice that is more economical and more environmentally friendly and facilitates daily activities with a battery system that can be exchanged directly at a battery exchange outlet.

Driving with ECGO Bike makes it easy for you, because if you run out of battery, you only need to exchange it for a new battery at the nearest ECGO battery outlet.

Our Vision

  • Becoming the Leader of the Electric Motor Sector in Indonesia

    Change the perspective of society and make electric bicycles as one of the choices of a modern but environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our Mission

  • Educating Users

    Smartphones have become part of our daily activities. Mobile-based vehicle applications are becoming a new trend. We want our users not only to follow the trends, but to create new trends that will be an example for others.

  • Introducing Application-Based Electric Vehicles to the Community

    Electric vehicles are not something new. But we offer easy driving with the mobile application. You can exchange batteries with the touch of your finger.

  • Making Electric Bicycles a New Lifestyle

    A new activity carried out by one person can be a bigger movement followed by the people around him. The aim of ECGO Bike is not only to be an electric bicycle that supports daily activities, but also as a choice for the community as part of a new lifestyle.

Our Services

ECGO-1 is the first product launched by ECGO Bike. ECGO-1 has 5 color variants of choice: Beat Red, Green Leaf, Black Solid, Blue Sky, and Red Blade. Choose colors that match your character!

Android and iOS Apps

Through the ECGO Bike application, you can purchase units and purchase battery packs and find the nearest battery station.

Battery Charging

Our battery life is able to travel a maximum distance of 55 km. We will continue to expand the range of the battery station area. Our mission in the future is, you will find a station battery every 2 km.

Story about Our Community

Choosing to change your lifestyle means being willing to relearn, but choosing a product that can make you live healthier is a reward physically, mentally, financially and globally – your choices make a big impact!


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