Living a healthy life is something that is important to everyone and for us that’s what it’s all about.

How we move our bodies with, care with environment, how we move it, how can our product have a positive impact on the environment, how can the technology change people’s mindsets and lifestyles for more care about health, how we speak to ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. For this reason, the ecgo bike focuses on both internal and external components of normal life.

Stories for Our Community

Choosing a lifestyle change requires a little bit of relearning, but choosing products that help you live a healthier life is rewarding physically, mentally, financially and globally – your choices make a huge impact!

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • To be the Leading Company of The Electric Motorcycle in Indonesia

    One of the best ways to reduce fuel use is to live by setting an example and make sure the products that you buy are produced by both ethics and the environment.

  • Educate Our Users about saving the environment

    By reducing fuel and replacing them with renewable energy such as electricity energy, you can act in a real way to help the earth from damaging ecosystems and using excessive energy from non-renewable fuels in your area.

  • Change Your Mindset about What Electric Vehicle Vehicle is by making it a trend

  • To set a Train of Electric Vehicle in the country

    Ecgo bike mission is to empower people to live health lives in a healthier environment with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Educate user about how important to choose the vehicle to save the earth

    By breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

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